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Online Editor
Full-featured software for text editing available through any browser. Write your stories from PC, tablet, or phone - from home, work, or out and about.
Character Lists
Keep track of character names, genders, and other pertinent facts about them. Viewable while in editor for easy reference.
Universe Notebook
Keep track of the details of your fictional universes and link them with one book or many.
Plot Helper Outlines
Choose from several outline designs to help you craft your plot while maintaining tension and a compelling story arc throughout your novel.
Place Keeper
Describe important scenery so that you get the details right no matter where in your book it appears.
Sharing Links
Share one chapter or your entire novel with friends, beta readers, or editors with a url link. No account required to read.
Chapter & Scene Divisions
Organize book by chapter and scene. Identify character viewpoint by scene to keep you from 'head hopping'
Writing Statistics
Track your word count by day or over time. See how much attention each character gets by scene count or overall percentages.
Keep notes of web page links, facts, or plot ideas right with your story, accessible at any time.
Never lose progress because you forgot to save or there was a power outage. Let our software automatically save your progress after every edit.
Export your novel into Word, ePub, Text, PDF, or HTML - one chapter at a time, or as a whole.
Name Generator
Find the perfect name for your characters with a handy name generator.
Character Avatars
Profile pictures for characters
Discussion Forums
A place to chat about writing, get critiques, and general discussion.
Objects for your story or universe
Create and track magical items, ancient artifacts, secret documents.
Better scene organizing
Allow drag and dropping of scenes within a chapter and across chapters.
Dark mode
Easier on the eyes and a different writing experience.
Story Planning Outlines
Use our pre-made story outline templates to help plan your stories. Planning your story has never been easier.
Session Word Count Goals
Turn writing into a habit - no, an addiction - with our daily word count goals. Get your daily dose of satisfaction for completing your daily sprints.
Plot Organizer
Create plot points, group them into acts, sort and organize them to create compelling plots.

In the Works

We take feedback from all our users to heart. Our goal is to provide you with the best writing tool on the market.

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Create a graphical timeline to keep your story timeline straight.
Feature voting
Voting system on proposed new features to our software allowing subscribed users to decide what is most important to them
Explore alternate plot lines without losing your original story. Revert back to a previous version if the new plot idea doesn't work out.
Chapter & Scene Graphics
Make your novel publication-ready by including custom graphics for chapter numbers and/or between scenes when exporting.
Publishing Detail Pages
Generate the front- and back-matter for your novel, including copyright page, disclaimers, author bio, and other necessary details for a publish-ready book.
Reorganize Scenes
Reorganize scenes within a chapter with a simple click-and-drag