We are more than just a Story Planner

Authors don't have it all that great. Planning your story is hard, writing is hard, getting your book out to readers is hard, and achieving commercial success is hard.

We want to help authors with all of that. And to do that, we've started with an easy-to-use, premium story planner and writing app, which we believe the market was sorely missing.

We took extra care and put a lot of work into creating the easiest, most intuitive, and most useful story planner and writing app possible. We've streamlined workflows, provided templates to help structure stories, and created a suite of tools to help with every part of story creation.

But we don't want to stop there, we want to help beyond just writing, which is only half the battle. The other half—perhaps the harder half—is getting your book in front of readers. What we saw was that most online writing advice on the internet has to do with building your audiences, creating newsletters, and other tedious and mundane tasks that authors shouldn't really have to deal with. We have plans to help with that going into the future.

So ultimately, our goal is to help authors through every step of the journey from planning stories to selling them.


We hope that you can join our movement to make this possible, and enjoy what we have to offer along the way.

This page was updated December, 2020