Frequently Asked Questions


What is Plot Factory?

Plot Factory is an online story planner that provides you with the tools you need to plan, organize and create stories, fictional worlds, characters and more.

Is Plot Factory free to use?

Plot Factory runs as a freemium app. You get all the necessities for writing for free, and the nice-to-have features with a paid subscription.

How many words can I write a day on the free plan?

As much as you want. We do not limit the amount of words you can write. You can only create one story on the free plan. We limit the number of narrations per day.

Do I own the copyright to content I upload?

You own all the rights to everything you write. We reserve the right to store it on our servers.

Who else can see my work?

Only you can see your work unless you explicitly share your work with our sharing feature.

Is there a way to export my content?

Yes. You will be able to export your content outside of our application.

Can I use Plot Factory to write non-fiction?

Yes. At its core, Plot Factory is an organizer. You can use it to organize your outlines, notes, research, chapters and more.

Is there an offline mode?

We currently do not offer an offline mode.

Can I write collaboratively with others?

This is a feature we are looking to add very soon.


Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes. You may cancel at any time.

Are there any cancellation fees?

There are no cancellation fees of any kind.

Will I lose my work if I unsubscribe?

We do not delete or lock away your work. You will always have full access to view your work. However, stories after the third one will not be able to be edited after you unsubscribe. You will be able to view and export your content at all times.


Do invited collaborators need a paid subscription to work with me?

No. They only need to create an account. Only the host needs a Novelist tier subscription.