The reason I started Plot Factory is pretty straight forward; it was a business venture to make some cash, and to hopefully live a full and happy life from. So the question then becomes "How do we achieve success with this venture?" Here at Plot Factory, we like to think in terms of long-term growth over short-term gains. And the best way to do that is to align our goals with our users.

Align Our Goals?

It's in our best interest that our users write quality stories and achieve commercial success. When our users succeed, we succeed, for one simple reason:

Successful Authors Become Brand Ambassadors

What happens when a book written by you - using Plot Factory - goes onto become a bestseller? You gain fame, notoriety, fans, and a lot of cash. Hopefully, you go on to share with them the tools you've used (Plot Factory) to get where you are and suddenly things are looking better for us as well.

The most impactful advertising is word-of-mouth marketing. Even more-so if that ambassador becomes a world-famous author. For that reason, we try our best to make Plot Factory the premier tool to help authors get those stories out.

But it doesn't end simply with writing the story. Writing, in fact, is only half the battle. The other half is the nitty-gritty audience building and marketing. We - aligning our goals with yours - decided that authors could use a little help with that. When you are able to succeed in building your audience, that brings benefits to us in terms of traffic to our website. So what should we do? We should try and maximize your ability to build a solid audience, of course.

So we are working on a top-secret classified platform for you to build your audience with, which we will  plug  reveal here.

A Platform to Build Your Audience

With this platform you can build up a fancy profile of yourself and your work. We are working on creating tools that help you display your work, get subscribers, connect with your audience, tease them with updates, and build a following.

We can only release so much information on the platform at this point in time, but stay tuned as we'll be releasing more soon.

We Could All Use a Helping Hand

It's all too easy to go down the rabbit hole and lose sight of what you're trying to do. Sometimes you might need a lifeline from a trusted colleague or friend. We understand the struggles of a writer, and for that reason we've started a writing chat to aid you in your struggles. Any time you feel you need some advice or guidance, feel free to ask the community.

* * *

We have so much more planned in the future with the intent to help authors do what they love doing, and to do it well. Stay tuned as we will continue to release products that will solve the everlasting problems that authors face.

So ultimately, our goal is to help you succeed, so that you may bring us more business in the future. Is this selfish? Greedy? Probably. But we help you succeed along the way so is it all so bad?