The Writer’s Struggle 
Imagine this scene: it's 2:30 a.m, you're stuck trying to name your protagonist's third uncle, and none of the names you've found on Google are cutting it. You've pulled open your baby name book at least five times,  discarding all of the common names such as "Jake," "Jamie" and "Carl." The third uncle comes in with a plot twist, so it's important to get his name just right. You're on your third glass of red bull when your friend texts back the perfect name: Zander. 
Getting feedback is very important in novels, from anyone who will read them. Yet, sharing novels with friends and family can seem so personal, especially when it's about a taboo topic. How do you casually explain to your mother that the reason why you researched murder weapons and the maximum death sentence for a murder is for research, after all? Exchanging writing ideas is so important for writing feedback, growth and development. It can also spur you to write more. 
Luckily, Plot Factory has something that can help you exchange ideas, get excellent feedback, and chat with other writers - our very own Discord server! 

What is Discord?
Discord is an interactive chat that will allow you to exchange ideas and have fun. It’s quick to sign up for and 100% free. With Discord, you will be able to have access to multiple people to talk to at any hour of the day, and cool emojis as well. We have more info in the #welcome channel on the server as well.

Did you know? Plot Factory’s Discord Server is Live 
With real-time support for both Plot Factory and your novel, you’ll be able to whip up your novel into shape in no time. With a variety of different channels to share your works in you’ll be able to get creative like never before.
Whether you’re looking for someone to co-author a novel with you, someone to brainstorm ideas about your next book with, or just a friend, Plot Factory as all of that available on its local Discord Server.  
Here are just a few of the many things that Plot Factory’s Discord Server has to offer: 

1. Rooms to share your work in 
These rooms will allow you to share your work quickly and easily, and get feedback available in real time. Whether you'd like to share a novel, a nonfiction work or just a chapter, there's a wide variety of options.
2. A bugs chatroom 
Are you struggling with any aspect of Plot Factory? Is something behaving badly? Grab some screenshots and head to #bugs, where you’ll get personal help from our excellent moderator team and owner of Plot Factory.
3.  Writer’s tools
Plot Factory’s Discord server has a wide variety of tools available to assist your writing. With one section for helpful links, a different one for character share, as well as a whole room for grammar queries, you’ll be set to edit and plot to your heart’s content. 
4. General chat
There are different general chats available, so if you want to relax and chat with others and make friends, these channels are for you. What's more fun than sharing your love for writing with others?

The Plot Factory Discord Server is missing only one thing - you!
The Plot Factory is a fun, interactive discord server. There's absolutely no cost to join, and all assistance provided is free of charge. Whatever aspects of writing you enjoy or struggle with, we can help. Whether you want to talk about Plot Factory, your writing, or to make friends, we're here for you. 

Have any questions? Just ask in the comments below or ask us in our Discord server!