Industry secret: I'm not actually a writer. In fact, I haven't written a chapter in my life. So why did I venture into the fiction writing market?

While reading a book, I thought to myself, "How did the author plan and organise this?" The author must have known about the character relationships prior to the events in the story. I wondered how many notes he took about various elements of the story? He probably had charts to map out his ideas.

Then it hit me, I should create an app for that. But I soon realized that I had no clue what writers really want or need. So I tried to get into writing myself. It soon became apparent that I'm not really the creative type. I can't say that I'm terrible at writing, because I can't get a story down on paper in the first place.

So instead of trying to become a writer, I pretended to be one instead. I started browsing writing forums to get a better feel for how things worked in this industry. This worked much better. I absorbed every little detail about what writers talk about like how they organize stories, how they deal with the technicalities of writing, and just generally how they worked. I empathized with them and imagined what they would want.

So I started with an absolute bare-bones app. I released it immediately to Reddit's writing sub. The feedback was great and constructive and some validation that this might be something they wanted. Since then it's become some variation of releasing a feature, getting feedback, and iterating from there. And now here we are, with a solid writing app that satisfies the market.

If you have any questions or just want to chat, leave a comment below!