New Year Novella 

We are thrilled to announce Plot Factory’s first annual New Year Novella event!  

Between the 1st and 31st of January you’re invited to join our writing community in creating a full first draft of a novella. You will have full free access to the Plot Factory Novelist tier features for your novella project and finishers will qualify for a further three months of professional level writing tools to see you through your second draft. When your novella is finished, you’ll be able to export your book to a manuscript format for publishers or an ebook format to share or publish yourself!  

How to take part? 

Head on over to your Plot Factory account and sign up. You’ll get instant free access to plot planning tools so you can use December to plan and prepare for your first draft. From the 1st of January the word processor will activate and you’ll be able to start getting words on paper!  

Sign-ups close at midnight PST on December 31st.

Sign up here:

Why take part? 

Not only will you be able to try our professional level tools for free, you’ll finish out the project with a complete first draft of a book.  

Don’t forget, if you finish inside the target word count (see the guidelines below), you’ll be able to keep the Novelist features for your novella project for a further three months to help you get to the point of publication. 

What is a novella? 

To put it simply, it’s a story which is shorter than a novel but longer than a short story. Typically, novellas are between 20,000 and 50,000 words and are usually a little faster paced than a full-length novel. 

If your novella goes on to be professionally published, Plot Factory will help you promote your book! 

Look out for some helpful blog posts on the Plot Factory website! 

Rules and guidelines: 

  1. Your novella must be a new story, not a continuation of an existing one! 
  2. You need to have written a minimum of 20,000 words by January 31st to qualify for your three-month Novelist tools extension. 
  3. The novella must be completely your own work. Fan-fiction is excluded.

What now? 

Get yourself signed up and head on over to our Discord server to join the hype!