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I've written the first 55k words of my book and have been looking forward to my climax the whole time, only to realize the sequence of events I need to happen is nothing more than a standoffish conversation. So you have a sense of the story, here's my blurb:

Ellory Larkspur is an FBI Agent living in a world where a company called Elixyr stands at the forefront of technological innovation. The nature of their enterprise has the world polarized toward them, and recently, there have been blatant threats toward the company. When a train explodes carrying Elixyr goods, Ellory is sent to investigate the scene. She soon discovers a deep conspiracy within the Elixyr and a feud involving a criminal organization called Night. Can she find the truth?

In my climactic scene, Ellory basically has to make a deal with the antagonist so she can get away and save her love interest. But that means the climax is just a conversation, and the previous... like... four scenes have been just conversations, too. If you were reading this, would you be bored? How can I make this scene a little more exciting?