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First of all, I have recently taken up writing so I might be a bit rusty but I am ready to learn (with a lot of help from you lot) so I have a para which needs a lot of editing and rephrasing so please share your input especially the bad ones so there we go!! 

 but life was good. Mr. and Ms. Shaw were the best foster parents she could ever get, they provided her with everything, and because Mr. and Ms. Shaw were orphans themselves they met at an orphanage and have been together ever since. This made Diana feel better and knowing that she could share her feelings with them and they would understand. she couldn’t wish for more. but will she? Only time can tell Diana was reading a book in the back yard when ms park called out “Diana there is someone at the door for you.” she immediately got up and went towards the door and was surprised to see Erin there she just stood there until Erin broke the silence “can we talk somewhere private?”