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I'm writing a novella that is set during and after the Third World War on a deserted island in the South China Sea and follows the final days of the sole survivor of Korean Air Flight 781. It's set in the very near future and the only thing that's different is that the Commonwealth of Nations became a superstate. The prolong is a military report and is as follows:

06/02/2022 7:27 AM EST: American fighter jet goes missing over Spratly Islands. Belived to have been shot down by People's Republic of China. 

8:30 AM: PRC claims downing fighter, claiming it violated "Chinese National Sovereignty"

8:44 AM: United States, Commonwealth of Nations, France denouce PRC. Russia supports PRC.

10:01 AM: Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force reports multiple Chinese jets entering Japanese airspace.

10:10 AM: Pentagon calls emergency meeting. US Navy deployed.

10:35 AM: Korean Air Flight 781 shot down over South China Sea by PRC fighter. International outrage insues

11:03 AM: PRC withdraws from UN. PRC declared Rogue State.

11:27 AM: Two PRC jets shot down over Taiwan.

11:41 AM: PRC declares war on US.

12:22 PM: Nuclear blasts detected in Seoul and Taipei.

12:27 PM: Third nuclear detonation detected in Tokyo.

12:29 PM: US launches strategic arsenal.

 12:30 PM: PRC retaliates. Strategic launches detected.

 12:56 PM: single nuclear device explodes over Eastern Seaboard. Resulting EMP disables all electrical equipment in Eastern US.

1:00 PM: First salvo hits military targets. Communications in chaos. Command and control networks failing.

1:10 PM Nuclear exchanges escalate. Priority targets:

  • Political
  • Economic
  • Industrial
  • Population

 US civilian casualties between 175-250 million.

Total East-West nuclear exchange: 6000 megatons.

2770 megatons land on United States.

-Strategic Automated Command and Control System (SACCS) report

So wnat do you think? Good prologue?