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The Year is 2045 in The World of Aennaria, an alternate version of Earth. The story mainly takes place in a fictional Kingdom named Sirawin. Sirawin is loosely based on a British Monarchy, where the King, and Royal Family are the absolute authority. The theme i'm going for is a sort of Post-Modern Era, with Medieval Influence, think Camelot, but  if King Arthur had a group chat instead of the Round Table.

I know this is a (World Building) Discussion but i thought i'd add a bit more below to further explain the kind of world im trying to create

The World Runs on a force known as "Ether". Ether is the foundation of the world, All living things possess it. Ether can also be Universal, meaning not only do living things possess it but they can use it to power their machines, and help out in their daily lives in general. Ether has allowed for Mankind's most advanced piece of technology to date, "The Ether Gauntlet"

I've gone a bit further into Ether's uses, the different types, and affinities but, i want to make sure im making my world somewhat believable from a fantasy standpoint.

Feedback or Constructive Criticism would be very much appreciated. As i stated in the title im an amateur when it comes to story writing