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The story that I want to tell is set in an alternate version of Earth with drastically changed geography (I was think fictional lost continents like Atlantis, Mu and Lemuria). The Alt World was highly technologically advanced and had a united world government. However there was a collapse, thought to be caused by robots or AI, that led to a long a bloody dark age. By the time the story takes place the dark age is long over and many nations have established themselves, however the people of the Alt World are still paranoid about the dangers of so-called "Death Technology" and so maintain themselves in a permanent technology level equal to our Machine Age and very early Atomic Age. The story has the main cast travelling around through a few of these nations. I want to use real historical nations to base my countries. So far I have:

  • The Third Colonial Empire, based on the Second French Empire and to a lesser extent Third French Republic
  • The Freiesland Empire, based of Prussia and the actual German Empire
  • Sea Raiders (which is more of a nomadic pirate society than a country) based on Cossacks
  • The Red Horde, based on the Mongols
  • Great Uztevnia, based on the semi nomadic turkic kingdoms like Old Great Bulgaria
  • Some unnamed nations based on sultanates in general, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, the Empire of Japan, India, and Austria-Hungary
  • Maybe on based Warlord Era China, or Banana Republics

The few religions that exist all say basicallly the same thing in different ways. They all cast technology (specifically AI) as being a evil force to take away our humanity. Due to the global nature of the ancient society, very few places are racially homogenous. Women are treated as equal and the LGBT lifestyle is generally accepted as it is a common belief that an expression of love serves as a bulwark agianst technology.

So what do you think? I could really use the feedback.