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M.C = Main Character

When everyone is born they are given a book. A book about their life. The book is kept in a big library where only the richest, famous people of the city can go. These rich people don't have a book and can do whatever they want with their lives while everyone else live in poverty. Running in the streets looking for food, pick pocketing strangers, they'd be lucky enough to get a job. *Everyone HATES the royals*

Once a year there is a ceremony where a book is picket among the shelves and burnt to ashes, which causes the book owner to be free and live a life of luxury and freedom. And a book gets its pages ripped to shreds causing the book owner to die a painful death. the ceremony is a big thing. The peasants in the town stand out of place in front of the magnificent library. They were lucky enough to even look at it. The event always draws a crowd and if you don't watch the ceremony you will be sentenced to death.  

One day the royal family went to the library and found a burnt a book. The book owner was free and was taken to the royal court to start a new life. As the queen was about to rip a book she realized there was no writing among the pages - the pages were blank. Empty. (this mysterious event causes the queen to faint. That night the owner of the book (main character) was kidnapped and taken to the royal palace. Before M.C is the king and queen.

They king wants M.C to be executed at once but the queen wants to use M.C as a weapon, a spy since she has no story. 

Need to work out what happens next.

Anyway M.C is in the palace because she can't life with the other... Freaks (according to the queen).

One night she goes to sleep and wakes up to find herself in the library. Shelves towering to the sky surrounded her with books of people ranging from children to elders. As she wonders through the rows of books she comes across an old part of the library filled with dust. Shelves started to get empty and the marble floor became thick wood. M.C continues wondering until she comes to a door. The door is covered in cobwebs and dust but as M.C touched the handle the dust floated away showing gold. Curious M.C turns the handle and walk into the room. 

Books covered with silver and jewels crowed the shelves looking new. In to center of the hidden room was a shelves marked as 'Royals'. M.C ventured closer wondering why the royal family had their own part in the library. M.C stood on her toes to reach a book on the high shelf. As she held the precious book in her hands she was shocked. The book marked Princess (Name). She opens the book to find only a few words which are "Happily ever after". Confused M.C throws the book off the ground and starts searching for other books of the royals. Other books that opened had small sentences like: "Sacrifice your life", "happily rich", "the royal ruler" etc. Everything was so perfect, all of the people she believed that were free had a great life set in stone. But not all...

M.C came across the kings book that said "Traitor". M.C thought it had something to do with the wars surrounding the city and didn't think about the king's book that much at the time.   

In the very corner of the shelf held an unnamed book. M.C opened it to find not words but a picture. A picture of herself. Under that picture marked the words "My Star".


M.C is a small child (around 4 years old) being held in her mother's arms. Her mother is singing a song saying that the M.C is a star, her star. As M.C is about to settle to sleep but hears a loud banging on the door of the cottage. Terrified M.C huddles into her mothers arms. The door slams open showing a large dark figure. The figure had left the house 3 years ago (divorce) but was beyond M.C's understanding. The figure was holding a gun, pointing it at M.C. The large man said something but M.C couldn't understand. M.C's mother yelled, tears streaming from her eyes. The man started counting from 5...

M.C's mother held her tight.


M.C didn't want to let go.


M.C has put into the mans arms.


M.C started to cry while the man yelled at her and her mother. 


That was last time M.C saw her mother. All she could remember was the dead look on her mother's body covered in blood.


M.C stares at the book as tears crawled down her face. All the rich people were liars. Liars!

Suddenly the golden door opened. M.C hid behind a shelf marked 'Celebrities' (or something like that). She peers behind the shelf and finds the queen. (Make more suspenseful).                    

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