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     So... I was considering writing a story that had a super cheesy plot. Pretty much my idea is... Two gangs. in the middle of a gang war. trying to figure out who's the best. and take down the other side. but. BUT!!!! two of the members meet. and get this... tHeY fAlL iN lOvE... I know, Completely 'unheard of.' 

     I don't know guys. I don't know if I should keep trying or what, but I'll have you know. There will be one perfect character who is this big scary guy. His (nick)name is Cupcake and he runs a bakery and he's also a legal bodyguard. Also he's a beast with a machine gun... oh oh and also... he does all of the cake/cupcake/cookie designs ^_^

     So what do you think? I can give more details if needed, but should I try writing it?